Our Miami Fam: Mike Ryan


    For those familiar with Deaf Poets, they know that I’m a die hard Heat fan. And when Miami ball is life, there’s only one sports radio show that has a special place for all Heat fans.  “The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz” - a Miami staple. The show airs nationally on ESPN radio and ESPN TV and our boy Mike Ryan is the executive producer/fellow Heat fan/music expert of the show. The show prides itself on being from Miami and they represent the music community on a national stage. For example, Highly Questionable (Lebatard’s TV show with Papi) features music from local legends, Spam Allstars. 

    If you are familiar with the show, you’ll notice that every segment starts with music that is curated by Mike himself. He’s been the show’s music expert and rightfully so. He knows everyone and everything that is music related. Couple of years back, I came across an article for Mugatunes.com that featured Mike’s music contribution to the show and much to our surprise he mentioned us. One of our coolest moments for sure! 

    The love and support from Mike has been immense! “Are You DP” was played to intro a segment during the show and recently sported one of our T’s during the TV broadcast.  First time we chilled was after Cold War Kids’ set during House of Creative Music Festival. We immediately started sharing stories about bands and basketball. Every time we chat, I learn something new about the music world. Just two weeks ago we ran into each other during Panorama Music Fest in NY dying to see what Tame Impala was going to do. It was such an amazing set! 

Thank you for supporting us and the Miami music scene all these years!! 




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