Deaf Poets are an American garage/alternative rock duo consisting of Sean Wouters (Lead Vocals/Guitar) and Nico Espinosa (Vocals/Percussion), born in Miami Beach, FL and currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. Their music is unabashedly raw, raucous, and loud, raging through the wild buzz and hiss of Wouter’s distorted guitars and the fever-pitch hits and pulsating momentum of Espinosa’s drums. Their boyhood rock and roll idols, from Jimmy Page to Kurt Cobain, eventually became their influences as they combined elements of ‘70s rock and a shot of ‘90s grunge to define their sound.

Deaf Poets cemented their place in the South Florida music scene by performing at venues across the region. In 2014, they were awarded the title, “Best Band of Miami” and were included in the, “20 Most Influential People of Miami” in 2015, by The Miami New Times. Their single, “Degenerate Mind”, from their debut album, “4150”, was selected to be a part of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 video game soundtrack and was also featured in Classic Rock Magazine's compilation CD in 2014. Deaf Poets have become regulars at Miami’s iiiPoints music festival performing four years in a row, alongside acts like Mac Demarco and Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Since 2015, Deaf Poets have spent much of their time on the road, touring and sharing the stage with Matt and Kim, The Growlers, Best Coast, The Naked and Famous, The Psychedelic Furs and DOROTHY. In 2017, Deaf Poets released their sophomore album “Lost In Magic City”, before relocating to New York in 2018 and releasing their latest EP, “Change and Bloom”, their most ambitious and personal work to date.

Change & Bloom EP is our follow up to our second full-length record, “Lost in Magic City” (2017). We toured extensively during the spring of 2017 to support the release of our sophomore album and throughout our travels we were working on new material which eventually became, Change & Bloom. Once the summer time hit, we realized that in order to grow as people and as a band, we needed a drastic change. We saw NYC as the right next step for us. We had four new songs somewhat finished and a new idea in the making (the riff for Cigarette, our second single).

By October 2017, we wrapped up three back to back tours and locked ourselves up in Sean’s room to record the new EP. Sidenote: We recorded in the same room we jammed in for the first time when we were 14 years old. Our sophomore album was mostly recorded by us, so all the trial and error really paid off to help us produce Change & Bloom. We wanted to make that shit heavier, faster, longer than our previous work. In fact, I totally distorted the drum overhead mics from playing hard and didn’t realize until we sent them to get mixed haha.

Change & Bloom is the story of a period of self doubt and fighting that feeling of being stuck. Each track is a piece of us and how we cope with everything happening around us. We are a little introverted, so this allows us to open up about who we are and express ourselves. We also got to work with Collin Dupuis (for mixing) who has worked with some of our all time favorites like The Black Keys, Jeff the Brotherhood, Cage the Elephant and Jim Diamond (for mastering) worked with The White Stripes and The Mooney Suzuki.

Last story that you might find interesting is that the artwork was made by Agung Gunawan from Bandung, Indonesia. Agung is a fan of Deaf Poets and he randomly sent us an illustration he had made. The artwork was so sick that we commissioned him to work on our tour poster for “The One Way Tour” in January 2018. The final product coincidentally captured the essence of what Change & Bloom is about and so we decided to repurpose the art as the new EP cover.

Final thought, we recommend smoking a fat blunt and listening to this with the volume way up. It’s a real mind trip. Cheers, Nico & Sean.

"When these guys perform live, they create a wall of sound so massive that it's hard to believe they're only a two-piece." -- Guitar World

"Brimming with lush vocals and addictively warped instrumentals, the track packs it on heavy in the best way possible." -- Bandsintown

"Whether it’s the breakneck riffage of Dio-era Black Sabbath in Wouters’ fuzzed-out shredding, the Layne Staley-qualities to Wouters’ Voice, or the precise, monstrous drumming that sounds like Ozzy-era Sabbath in E.P.’s drumming, the classic rock aficionado can find plenty to love in this band." -- Atwood Magazine

"“Cigarette” has a good mix of Jesus & Mary Chain, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and A Place To Bury Strangers all rolled into one pulsing dark track with some stand out guitar riffs." -- The Fire Note

"Deaf Poets, the Brooklyn band by way of Miami, brings an incredible mix of heavy old school rock (à la Black Sabbath) with a contemporary edge (à la Nirvana) that you can’t help but want to jam along with. It’s loud, it’s sweaty, and with two guys they somehow create a wall of sound that completely engulfs the listener." -- Jukely

"...the EP’s latest single “Cigarette,” features a moody and expansive alternating quiet, loud, quiet  song structure centered around effortless time signature changes, tribal-influenced drumming and some impressive and forceful guitar pyrotechnics, revealing an ambitious band experimenting with both their sound and songwriting." -- The Joy of Violent Movement

"The guitar chords are wide and explosive — reaching beyond the confines of sonic space. The drums pierce through the mix with dynamic bliss." -- Sound Renaissance 

"Brooklyn by Miami duo Sean Wouters and Nico E.P. provide a three part mammoth jam that has the attitude & electric cadences that you crave relentlessly." -- Impose Magazine

"This Brooklyn-via-Miami Beach duo rocks it out of the park just as you’d expect from a dead-pan, graphic novel of your life that you’d never had – but wanted." -- Come Here Floyd

"The new EP is a blend of alt-rock that features distorted guitars and thunderous drums to create a sound that is only their own." -- ThatMag

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